Sunday, December 11, 2011

PMC - Coppery Clay - Firing

My attempt at a pmc-copper clay firing was dismal. I placed the pieces in the instructed contained and covered said pieces in activated carbon and sent up my kiln(electric with a control) and ventured off to attempt some pressing matters outside the studio. Smoke. A lot of smoke. The poor ladies in the studio had to open all the studio doors and deal with the smell. To boot the pieces were only partially successful, while they now feel like metal they are dull and rough looking. Not the desired result. Any further experiments I do with the pmc-copper clay will be done when the studio is barren so as to not smoke out my compatriots.

comes of that.

Other News: My porcelain canvas substrates have arrived, with some free seconds to play about with! I've decided to get a couple of my artsy friends to play with one or two as well so we shall see what

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