Friday, October 28, 2011

Whale Bones

I'm working on a project that I've entitled 'Leviathan'. At present I'm trying to figure out the structure and skin work of a clay blue way that will be mounted so that it stands about a foot from the wall.

Here are its beginnings (white paper clay)

Robin Hopper Workshop

Robin Hopper is visiting the Sheridan Ceramics Studio. He's actually already arrived! Robin's going to be giving us a three day workshop, Saturday thru Monday, and our studio has been bustling about in preparation for his anticipated visit.

I made up a few of his slips which was actually kind of fun. They're so rich when you're making them that you get the sense that they're some kind of velvety death icing.

Many shows, many books, many ventures and much knowledge.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cristina Cordova

One of my favourite ceramicists is Cristina Cordova. I think her work is not only gorgeous, and enviably skillful but its also very good at drawing the viewer in and keeping you. I'm very drawn to Cordova's pieces for emotional connectivity, technical ability and and illustrative qualities.

Seek her out, know her work.

Vestigios, my favourite Cordova piece.

Making a Positive to make a Negative

This is the beginnings of a rather large stoneware version of the base to my revised cloud vases. This foot tall hump isn't even a third of its destined height. Once I've completed this piece I'll be making a plaster mold from it. It's going to be heavy. Wish me luck.

A Month of Animals

I need practice. Practice makes better and with that in mind I've been giving my self the task of assigning myself a subject to study and sketch to advance my drawing repertoire. October is a month of animals ie aardvarks, cobras, leopards and a funny little creature I was told of called a pangolin.

Sketches are of aardvarks and cobras

Kathleen's Studio Space

The autumn has started and so has my work on my vases, cuddle cups and all the rest. I'm working in porcelain this year and I'm loving its durability in its raw stage. I'm finding it much easier to work with porcelain slabs rather than stoneware. I have my own little burrow in our ceramics department this year, as it is my third and final year in the program, it's located in the lower level of our studio and there's lots of natural light down there. Also, few people in the afternoons.

These photos are of my studio space and three sided slab cups/sugar bowls I'm fiddling with as part of a collaboration with Kamal Fox(A furniture designer).