Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Growers Re-design

So I'm getting myself back in touch with graphic design/packaging design and the like.  As a quick project for myself I did a bottle redesign of the labels for a few of the ciders from GROWERS.  I like cider.  It's a recently found food interest of mine as I can not drink beer nor do I have the intense urge to.  In my quest to try new flavours, and in this case ciders, I very shallowly always neglect Growers.  I hate the packaging.  I'm not drawn to it and I've had it in my hand several times an put it back each and every time.  So... that's why I picked Growers.  

I went with something cleaner, grown up but still loudly announcing its delicious apple heritage favouring a minimalist and crisp appearance.

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